Top 6 daily chores as daily workout exercises!

How about turning your turning chores into daily workout exercises? It is a common excuse for most working people including stay at home mothers that they are consumed with daily chores they hardly find any time for exercise. But what if there is some interesting way in which you can turn your daily chores into exercises that help you keep in shape?

There is not necessarily a need for gyms and dance classes to get you that much needed cardio boost when all of that can be achieved from just vacuuming and gardening in your homes. Studies have said that daily chores done for an hour help you burn 315 calories and help stretch and tone your muscles.

Here is our list of daily chores that are great for daily workout exercises.

1. 30 minutes of walking your dog 

Why not turn your dog into your personal trainer. Use the excuse to work up your cardio, pace yourself as you walk around. Take breaks to do some stretching as well. You will be surprised how much of a difference a quick jog with your dog will make to him and to you.

2. 30 minutes of raking leaves

Can you think of cleaning wet leaves as weight training, well think again! Raking is a good way to work muscles in the legs and upper body and can help you burn 285 calories.

3. 30 minutes of washing your car

Give the car wash a break and get at cleaning your car with a mop and a duster. It will do wonders to tone up your arm muscles as well as the abs. try reaching the top of the roof to clean it and bend as low as possible to clean up those muddy tires.

4. 30 minutes cleaning windows

Why not pay attention to those big windows yourself than getting the serviceman scrub them clean for you. Move and arch those arms in a swooping motion trying to reach out to the awkward corners and heights. The larger the span of the window the better it is for you. The stretching action will definitely help tone the upper body.

5. 30 minutes of playing with your kids

Are your kids a reason you don’t find time to work-out? Why not join in with them in their play time and give yourself a workout. Skipping rope, hopscotch, Frisbee, playing hide and seek or throwing ball, it will be a great way to bind with your children as well as some much needed exercise for yourself.

6. 30 minutes of cleaning the house

You want to tone up those biceps and triceps? Work up a sweat by cleaning up the bath especially those really stubborn stains. Although it is not the most favorite of your daily chores, it will do wonders to tone up those arms. Combine it with household chores like vacuuming, ironing and dusting and you have a full-body exercise done in the convenience of your home time just flying by!

Inactivity is the root cause of many health ailments. It is better to stay active by doing daily chores and activities that will help you stay in shape and stay fit. Carry your shopping bags home instead of taking the car or the bus. Use stairs whenever you can. Pick and activity you do daily and try to convert it into a daily workout exercises and see the change for yourself. There are choices to be made every day. What sort of choice are YOU making today?

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