About Motivade

In collaboration with other like-minded businesses and individuals, our vision is to create a global standard in how to motivate people to become fitter, healthier and happier.

Motivade Ltd. was founded in September 2012 by three sports & technology enthusiasts and is headquartered in Helsinki, Finland. The company is privately owned by its management and currently operates with a crew of 7 employees working in Finland and the United States.

Our entire crew works closely with our customers, who are personal trainers, their clients and all fitness enthusiasts. With the invaluable feedback they provide, we are constantly striving to improve the services we offer and to build a global community in which we are all committed to make fitness happen.

Motivade® is a registered trademark of Motivade Ltd.

Meet the crew

Lauri Aarnio

Co-founder & Chairman of the board

Steering the company with the board
Setting up partnerships
Supporting sales and marketing activities
Helping our development team by coding some less demanding tasks.

Favorite physical activity:


What Motivates me:

I enjoy exploring new things and working with our energetic team. Helping our personal trainer clients to grow their businesses keeps me going!

I use Motivade because I keep in touch with my personal trainer through the service. Also, I track and share all my exercises because I want to see my progress in numbers and charts. The weight log is one of my favourite features.

Jarkko Autio

Co-Founder & CEO

Keeping Motivade crew efficient and happy
All things related to business
Test monkey for all new stuff

Favourite physical activity:


Facts about me

I love running, but I tend to break my legs at marathons, thus I am now a recreational runner without races in my calendar

What Motivates me

My commitments: if I give promise, I keep it.

I use Motivade to track my workouts and how I fare against my goals. I have a personal trainer and get the instructions from him through Motivade. Also I schedule workout sessions with my friends through Motivade.

Mikko Niemelä

Software developer

Development of Motivade web application
Killing nasty bugs in our software :)
Helping our great leaders (and others) in any technical problems

Favorite physical activity:

Cycling (when the weather is warm)

Three facts about me:

  • I am computer and technology geek
  • I understand computers better than people, but I like people more :)
  • I always try to improve myself

What Motivates me:

My interest in how things actually work (under the hood).

I use Motivade just to keep record how little I actually care about my fitness :)

Toni Ilomäki

Software Developer

Developing our website
Developing Windows phone and android mobile applications

Favorite physical activity:


Facts about me:

  • I like to look for better ways of doing things
  • I’m the youngest team member at Motivade
  • I like everything that runs on electricity and has buttons!

What Motivates me:

Things that I can get done.

I use Motivade because I like to keep records of what I’ve done.